Personal Training

One to one personal training in Oxford

For personal training in Oxford either gym based / home based / or outdoors, you need to be able to trust that the training you do is tailored to your individual requirements in order to reach your personal goals. That is what you get when choosing to partner up with Griffin Health and Fitness. I am with you every step of the way.

Semi-private training / small group fitness

Do you want to train with a friend? Nervous about training? Have a friend or relative that feels the same? Sign up for a small group plan and share the cost and the fun of hitting those goals together. These sessions are usually more light-hearted, as you both encourage each other and share in your "wins" together.

Strength improvements

Do you wish you were stronger? Feeling a little underpowered? I can push you to new levels with careful planning of programming, encouraging your body to adapt and improve its capabilities.

Flexibility improvements

You aren't quite as mobile as you once were? As we age the body tends to tighten up, however, it is possible over time to reverse some of these mobility issues with targetted exercise and callisthenics in conjunction with stretching routines and massage therapy.

Fitness improvements

Do you want to have more energy? Training for an event? Improving your levels of energy? Keeping up with the kids? I will help you to boost your energy levels and fitness stamina.

Fitness assessments

Not sure exactly where you are health-wise? A full battery of tests can identify if and where improvements can be made. All new clients receive a full assessment upon sign up.

Nutritional advice

Do you struggle to understand nutrition? Spend fortunes on diets? As a fully qualified trainer, I can give general dietary advice to help you make smarter choices. Griffin Health and Fitness also have associate nutritionists available to create personal diet plans (including Vegan), please inquire for pricing.

Weight loss

You want to lose weight. There is no need to feel embarrassed about wanting to lose weight, even with the best intentions life can get in the way and suddenly treats have become the norms and easy options become habits. I will help you understand how to strike the correct balance of diet and exercise that will deliver results at a pace to suit you (within reason of course).

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Pure Gym Oxford

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